With major funding from the Helen and Will Webster Foundation, replaced and refurbished 21 year-old seating in the Library. The Adult and Children’s sections of the library have 83 new chairs.  Benches and couches have been reupholstered.

With wonderful community response to our 2016 Giving Tree, we purchased 100 new books for the library at the end of the year.



Purchased an additional AWE computer and carrel.  AWE computers are designed specifically for our patrons aged 2 – 8 with over 4,000 interactive learning activities focused on early literacy.

Funded in 2016

With generous grants from Pacific Gas and Electric Company - $1,000 - and  JUSTIN Vineyards - $5,000, we are able to greatly expand the City Library's Spanish language collection with new purchases to be made quarterly throughout 2017.

Sponsored the Summer Reading Program for children and teens. This program helps students sustain and/or improve their reading levels over the summer months.  Approximately 800 – 1000 attendees.

Each year, the Foundation works with the City Librarian to develop a set of projects to be accomplished and funded in the following year. Our photo gallery shows you what we accomplished in 2016 and what we plan to fund in 2017.

From funds donated throughout 2016 by individual patrons, local businesses, proceeds from the Heritage Oaks Fun Run, our in-library donations box and a generous bequest from the Lowe Family Trust, we have completed the following in 2017:

  • Purchased Apple mini Ipads for both the City Library and the Study Center.  These are valuable tools in training and exposing patrons to all digital possibilities such as mobile apps and online catalogs, ebooks and online audio books.

  • Purchased 10 new lounge/reading chairs for adult seating

  • Develop a teen designated area for reading and studying; include a teen-focused collection and teen-friendly furnishings.

  • Purchased new software to streamline the management and marketing of new programs.  This software provides an efficient way to communicate all Library activities to our community.

  • Sponsored the successful 2017 Summer Reading Program. 

  • Continued expanding the Library collection in all formats including the Spanish language collection, updated reference resources and popular material for the Library and the Study Center.