Beginning with the Andrew Carnegie grant in 1907, a library has always been an integral part of our community.  The Foundation works to ensure that this long tradition continues and our library has the additional resources to keep pace with our ever changing world.

The Paso Robles City Library is a jewel in our community which provides access to the tools for lifelong learning.  In addition to traditional resources, special programs are developed for the enrichment of all age groups.

As a city library, core funding is provided by the City of Paso Robles.  However, our Libary can only grow its collection and continue to offer enrichment programming with donations from the community to library support organizations such as the Foundation.
Alicia DiGrazia, President
Tina Jolicoeur, Vice President
Diana Leahy, Treasurer
Cristina Knoll, Secretary
Pam Alch
Traci Townsend-Gieg
Cathy Pinney
Nancy Commerdinger

Julie Dahlen
Angelica Fortin

Dee Lacey
Barbara Partridge
Ann Robb

Board of Directors

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Pamela Alch

Pam retired to Paso Robles 10 years ago and immediately became a volunteer at the Library.  She subsequently went on to join the Board of Trustees and was President for 4 years.  “My Mother instilled a love of reading in me when I was a child, taking me to the local library almost every week.  I believe the Library is a vital part of the community and I am proud to be part of the Foundation that enables the Library to grow into the future.”

Christina Knoll

Cristina Knoll is the owner of We Help You Legal. WHYL provides an alternative to using an attorney for various services. Cristina has been working in the paralegal field for 11 years.  Before that, she worked in the dental field for 19 years. The most rewarding part of both jobs is the ability to help people.  We are providing a needed service to the Central Coast. Living in the community we serve makes providing peace of mind and confidence for our clients a priority. Cristina is excited to be able to give back to her hometown community by supporting the Library foundation that is providing a needed service as well.
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Tina Jolicoeur

Tina Jolicoeur joined the Library Foundation over two years ago.  She has lived in Paso Robles since 1999 and is employed with a local and global software developers.  Her passion with reading and the library system began at an early age; all three of her siblings are avid readers and they went to the Sylmar library every two weeks, always checking out as many books as the limit would allow.  Her childhood library and the Paso Robles library are community hubs for activities, events, local art displays, collaboration studying, research and, or course, books.  She is excited to see where the PR library grows in the future and assist wherever she can.
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Alicia DiGrazia 

Alicia is a California native who moved to the Central Coast in 2000 to attend Cuesta College and Cal Poly State University. After graduation she moved to Paso Robles to begin her career selling real estate. She looks forward seeing the library flourish and to giving back to the community through the PRLF.
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Diana Leahy

Diana and her husband moved to Paso Robles from Orange County. They had always loved the Central Coast, visiting often with their two children, especially when their son attended Cal Poly.
As an avid reader and book lover, she loved volunteering at the library. Now that she is working part-time, it is still a joy to support the library its staff by serving on the foundation. The vision of the community and the head librarian are exciting and it will be exhilarating to see it unfold.

Cathy Pinney

Cathy and her husband moved to Paso Robles from Santa Rosa, CA in 2017. It was a move from one slice of heaven to another. The Central Coast is a great place to live. For over 30 years she has worked in the insurance field as a Surety Bond Agent, a specialized field of insurance. She is a passionate reader and lifetime learner. This was instilled early in life during visits to school and community libraries. She can spend hours amongst the book stacks with rare books being her great love. They pull her in with their scent of history, tantalizing the imagination. This attraction started during college while studying at various Bodleian Libraries in Oxford, England. She’s thrilled to be a part of PR Library Foundation to watch and be a part of how the Paso Robles Library flourishes, innovates and addresses the needs of the community.

Traci Townsend-Gieg

Traci Townsend-Gieg moved to Paso Robles from Carmel Valley with her husband in September 2020 and joined the Foundation board in April 2021. She was a military brat from the ages of 7-17, and has very fond memories of her parents taking her to local military base libraries to secure a library card at each new duty station (and of course, she has her Paso Robles Library card!). She was a library work-study student in high school and managed a bookstore in Philadelphia in the 1980s; a love of books and commitment to their access has been an integral part of her life for many years. Currently she is a retired nonprofit and small business consultant; she specialized in program management, executive staff/board training and development, and grant writing. She is excited to contribute to her new community by serving on the Foundation board.